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Companies want software that is ready for their industry. They want to see results quickly. And they do not like long implementations or partners who do not know their processes.

We have sector-specific business solutions for rental and projects based upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And that is a very good choice!

Because Microsoft is one of othe largest software builders in the world. It makes the most investments of the entire small and medium-sized enterprise software industry. And it has huge financial means. Microsoft ensures integration with all of its products. New innovations such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things are automatically incorporated. Microsoft guarantees continuity, growth and evolution. With Microsoft Dynamics, your business software is very safe for the future!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is business software for every department of your company. It is very modern software with solid historic foundations. Because it has more than 160.000 customers worldwide. And it can run on every device.

Whether you are using the software in the office, at home or on the move, you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software. Because it runs on Windows, Apple and Android. And it can be used on pc, tablet, laptop or smartphone. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is mobile by design. And that is what customers expect from their business platform today. Because employees are more mobile workers nowadays. 

In a world of technological change, Microsoft is a very reliable, stable player. It innovates a lot and invests heavily. Microsoft embraces the latest technology so your company will continue to be ahead of the game in the future. Every company from small to large is safe with Microsoft!

Looking for a mobile business solution? This is the platform that will help you!



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Why Microsoft Dynamics Business Central as your business platform? And why Offimac as your partner?

For every company the use of solid business software is a must nowadays. Because every organisation needs efficient management. And wants swift administration. Because every business wants to lower costs while providing good customer service. Offimac is in business for more than 40 years already. We have solid business software solutions for many industries. And we have a lot of expertise in many processes. We implement ERP solutions based upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. On top we empower the Business Central solution with our add-ons for specific industries. And we also have planning and CRM solutions that can be linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. So customers can quickly benefit from best practices. And do not need tailor-made development anymore.  That way Offimac can deliver total solutions that meet customer needs.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you find a lot of software modules. And the power of this platform is that it has an application for every department. All of these applications seamlessly work together. On top they communicate with each other. And they provide good reporting. The strength of Offimac as a partner are 40 years of experience, an ISO approach, industry solutions and Microsoft CfMD certifications and extensions. The Offimac software is tested and approved by Microsoft. And therefore Offimac was granted the high-level Microsoft CfMD label. Because our software is excellence in quality, support and future developments.

These are some of the standard Business Central modules:














Supply Chain


Office integrations









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